Cavity drained membranes

Cavity drained membranes, the Drystone group of companies specialise in this area, having undertaken many waterproofing projects for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the South West, in particular across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

The British Standard pertaining to basement waterproofing is: BS.8102:1990 'Protection of structures against water from the ground'. Since the inception of the standard way back in 1990, the use of cavity membranes has been generally accepted in the U.K. as the safest method for damp and water proofing basement structures. Drystone are an approved supplier of DELTA Systems - a complete range of products which are used together to solve many of today's problems in both new and old construction. DELTA Systems can easily deal with aggressive ground water conditions, where basements are liable to flooding, or indeed where simple dampness, contamination or salting problems are prevalent. drystone’s ‘DELTA’ approach will provide a guaranteed solution.
Delta is the world’s leading brand of cavity membrane system and this is most often our favoured method for use in soil retaining situations such as basements and vaults etc. The DELTA sealed system is recommended in most situations. There are various types of membrane but ultimately the membrane selection depends on the required finish and flow rate if applicable. All membrane junctions, fixing points, service entries and other protrusions are sealed with the DELTA range of sealing products. Where active ground water is evident or expected, drainage of one form or another will be incorporated into the specification. Our technical staff are available to give advice in this respect.
The studded structure of the membrane allows the dampness behind the membrane to move in all directions unhindered, therefore the whole of the wall or floor surface takes the damp loading. Break downs created by weak points are eliminated. The product does not divert the problem to other areas. This system approach is the most beneficial in the over-riding majority of situations and has many benefits over conventional 'Tanking' type products.