Eco Building & Hemp Building

The Drystone group of companies are proud to be one of the pioneers of the use of hemp in the construction industry throughout the South West covering Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

Taking our environmental responsibilities seriously, the Drystone group has started to use hempcrete as a preferred building material. Hempcrete, can actually reverse the damaging effects of greenhouse gases by locking up harmful CO2 emissions within wall construction.

The hemp, which forms the key element in these products, is grown and harvested in the UK, helping to reverse the damaging effects of greenhouse gases. Hempcrete locks up around 110kg of CO2 per m³ of wall and provides one of the best value materials for low impact, sustainable and commercially viable construction.

Sustainability continues to be the issue of our generation and a critical factor in the design, specification and construction of buildings. With the UK signing up to the Kyoto Agreement to tackle the greenhouse effect, one of the key sustainability drives now focuses on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

In the UK, the construction and use of buildings accounts for over 50% of the carbon dioxide produced. Studies have shown that up to 200kg of CO2 is emitted in the production of each square metre of walling for houses alone – equating to 40 tonnes for the walls of a typical house.

With the use of hempcrete, carbon emissions are drastically reduced .