Dry Rot Control

The Drystone group of companies uses the latest treatment methods and environmentally friendly chemicals to ensure a cost effective treatment to control Dry Rot for both commercial and domestic properties throughout the South West including Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) is the most efficient timber destroying organism known. Dry Rot is a fungus which is a very basic form of plant life that is unable to carry out photosynthesis on its own and has to parasitically remove sugar from other Cellulose based organisms to survive.

Dry Rot requires warm, dark, damp conditions to germinate, once established it can travel in search of other food sources and will travel through masonry walls and even along structural steel beams in search of fresh food sources, it has also been known to travel into adjoining properties.

The most important thing when dealing with Dry Rot is to quickly identify the cause and to act as soon as possible to prevent it spreading further. Dry Rot, if left untreated, can cause wide spread damage to the property and be very expensive to eradicate.

Ensure your damage limitation by contacting Drystone at the earliest opportunity for Devon Dry Rot treatment.