Cob Repairs

The Drystone group of companies have specialised in Cob repairs for a wide range of buildings including traditional Devon cottages and farm buildings for the last three decades throughout the South West covering Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

Building with Cob has been both a popular and comparatively cheap option in the South West throughout the ages, we have an extensive housing stock built using Cob which is a mixture of sub-soil and straw normally built off a plinth constructed of local stone.

However many of these historic and rural buildings have now come of age and in most instances will be in need of some repair including the restoration and renovation of Cobwork.

The use of modern dense cement renders, plasters, masonry paints and some emulsions can cause problems with Cob buildings as they conspire to trap moisture into the fabric of the structure, which can lead to structural problems.

Repairing Cob should only be carried out using a combination of Cob bricks or blocks and lime renders and mortars.

When Cob repairs become necessary it is most important that the Cob work is carried out by fully skilled craftsmen using both sympathetic materials and traditional building techniques.

Drystone surveyors will identify the cause of the Cob defects and provide a cost effective solution to properties throughout the South West to include Devon, Somerset and parts of Cornwall.