Basement Conversions

With property prices rising in recent years throughout the South West region, many homeowners and businesses alike are converting both cellars and basements. Conversion of such areas can be both surprisingly inexpensive and cost effective.

Once your cellar or basement is waterproofed it can be converted into anything that your dreams can imagine (it may however be subject to planning consent).

With our in-house, qualified architectural team, the Drystone group can offer a full design, project management and build service. For more information contact us.

The general rule is, if you have a basement, you can convert it.

A basement can be converted into a whole new bedroom, which could be rented out to someone, the privacy a basement conversion offers is often appealing to renters, as a separate door can normally be built to allow them access into the basement without the need to go through the house. Buy-to-let landlords will often look for houses that have a basement in them, as this has the potential to be a room for one more lodger.

A basement conversion is an efficient way to create more space in your property; they can increase the value of your property and create a quiet escape from the outside world. Your basement may be full of your old junk now, but in a few short months it could be transformed into your new underground sanctuary. For more information on basement conversions in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, call the Drystone group now!